Lecture Series

In 2003, the Center launched an interdisciplinary lecture series on "The Information Ecology." This series features presentations by scholars from Duke and around the country on intellectual property and related areas - such as innovation economics, global health and access to medicines, Internet and communications policy, cyberlaw, genomics, and a variety of other subjects. Through these events, the Center hopes to build connections between scholars across disciplines and between universities. The lectures are open to all.

Conferences and Meetings

From time to time, the Center holds conferences and meetings that bring together distinguished experts to address pressing public domain issues. Its major conferences have examined the impacts of intellectual property law on creativity from both legal and artistic perspectives, and explored how globalized intellectual property rights affect innovation, technology transfer, health, competition, and other areas from both a legal and economic perspective. Leading to the Center's creation, Duke's initial Conference on the Public Domain analyzed the history, theory and constitutionalization of the public domain, as well as the public domain in the digital realm, culture and science.