Environmental Law & Policy Clinic | Celebrating Ten Years

October 19, 2017

106 graduates of Duke Law School and 84 from the Nicholas School of the Environment have participated in the Duke Environmental Law and Policy Clinic since it was established in 2007 at Duke Law as a partnership between the two schools. Students have engaged in cross-disciplinary research, analysis, advocacy, and problem-solving on matters of environmental justice, sustainability, and public health, addressing such matters as watershed, ocean, and coastal pollution, air quality, biodiversity loss, nutrition, and public health. Collectively, clinic students have provided almost 35,000 of pro bono service hours to clients, usually nonprofit and grassroots community groups, at a value in excess of $2.25 million, while amassing a significant record of advocacy success. After graduation, they go on to jobs across the nation and internationally in private environmental law practice and consulting, government, academia, and in public-interest advocacy with such organizations as the Environmental Law Institute, Earthjustice, and the Property and Environment Research Center. Learn more at https://law.duke.edu/envlawpolicy/