Duke Law Graduation 2014 | Justice Patricia Timmons-Goodson

May 10, 2014

Retired Justice Patricia Timmons-Goodson of the North Carolina Supreme Court offered remarks on behalf of the first jurists to receive Duke Law School's Master's of Judicial Studies. The judges benefited from a unique and rigorous educational experience, she said, learning both from leading scholars and from one another.

"My classmates and I are grateful to Dean Levi and the team he has assembled for conceiving the [Master's of] Judicial Studies, flawlessly executing the plan, and committing so fully to its success," said Timmons-Goodson. "Duke Law's leadership, vision, and commitment to the judiciary are unparalleled. Although the only such program in the nation, the administration, faculty, and staff displayed at all times a quiet confidence in the compelling mission to strengthen the rule of law."

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Recorded on May 10, 2014.