DJCIL Symposium 2016 | International vs. Interstate Conflicts, Ralf Michaels & Kim Roosevelt III

November 04, 2016

The Duke Journal of Comparative and International Law (DJCIL) hosted a symposium on the topic of “Internationalizing the Conflict of Laws Restatement” November 4–5, 2016 at Duke University School of Law. Sponsored by the American Law Institute.

Panel 2: International versus Interstate Conflicts: Ralf Michaels (Duke Law) and Kim Roosevelt (Reporter; Pennsylvania), (Chairs)

Legislative Scope and the Presumption Against Extraterritoriality: Hannah Buxbaum (Indiana)

Conflict of Laws in Supranational and Federal Systems: How might the experiences of the EU and national federal systems inform work on the Third Restatement, in particular regarding its treatment of interstate and international conflict-of-laws issues? Horatia Muir Watt (SciencesPo)