DJCIL Symposium 2016 | Comparative Law & International Law in the New Restatement

November 04, 2016

The Duke Journal of Comparative and International Law (DJCIL) hosted a symposium on the topic of “Internationalizing the Conflict of Laws Restatement” November 4–5, 2016 at Duke University School of Law. Sponsored by the American Law Institute.

This video includes:

Introduction and welcome from DJCIL Symposium Editor Laura Revolinski '17

Opening remarks from Duke Law Dean David F. Levi

Statement on "International and Comparative Aspects of Conflict of Laws," Duke Law Professor Ralf Michaels

Statement on "International Conflict-of-Laws Issues and the Third Restatement," Law and Political Science Professor Christopher A. Whytock from UC Irvine

Panel discussion on "Comparative Law and International Law in the New Restatement." Panelists: Ralf Michaels and Chris Whytock

Statement on "Conflict of Laws Codifications: How might conflict-of-laws codifications around the world inform work on the Third Restatement?" Willamette University College of Law Professor Symeon Symeonides

Statement on "International Law and International Conflict of Laws," Pepperdine University School of Law Professor Donald Earl Childress III