Bernstein Lecture 2017 | Ralf Michaels, Banning Burqas: A View from Postsecular Comparative Law.

March 02, 2017

Ralf Michaels, Arthur Larson Professor of Law at Duke Law School, delivered the Annual Bernstein Lecture in Comparative Law titled "Banning Burqas: A View from Postsecular Comparative Law." When France banned Islamic face veils in 2010, many considered this a French eccentricity. Now more and more countries are enacting, or at least considering, similar legislation. Taking the perspective of postsecular comparative law, the lecture looks at the ways in which Western legal systems understand and construct religious law and their own relation to it. Co-sponsored by the Center for International & Comparative Law and the Office of the Dean.
Related paper:  Ralf Michaels, Banning Burqas: The Perspective of Postsecular Comparative Law, 28 Duke Journal of Comparative & International Law 213-245 (2018) 
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