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The Second Enclosure Movement?

  • James Boyle Duke Law School

Phase I: Framing The Issues

The History and Theory of the Public Domain:
From Cheap Books to the Comedy of the Commons

  • Mark Rose University of California, Santa Barbara
  • David Lange Duke Law School
  • Jessica Litman Wayne State Law School
  • Carol Rose Yale Law School,
  • Elinor Ostrom Indiana University

The State of the Public Domain: A Report

  • Pamela Samuelson University of California.
  • Jerome Reichman Duke Law School, and Paul Uhlir, National Research Council.

Subject Area Study 1: Creativity, Appropriation, Culture and The Public Domain

  • Mark Hosler Negativland.
  • Rosemary Coombe York University, Toronto
  • David Nimmer UCLA Law School
  • Cary Sherman Recording Industry Association of America
  • David Lange Duke Law School (moderator)

Subject Area Study 2: Commodification of the Public Domain: The Challenge for Science and Innovation
  • Arti Rai University of Pennsylvania Law School.
  • Paul Uhlir National Research Council
  • Harlan J. Onsrud University of Maine Engineering
  • Stephen Berry University of Chicago, Chemistry
  • Rochelle Cooper Dreyfuss New York University School of Law

Subject Area Study 3: From Anarchist Software to Peer2Peer Culture: the Public Domain in Bandwidth, Software and Content
  • Eben Moglen Columbia Law School
  • Brian Cantwell Smith Duke University
  • Larry Lessig Stanford Law School.
  • Yochai Benkler New York University School of Law (moderator)

Phase II: Developing Solutions

Public Domain Activism

  • Caspar Bowden Foundation for Information Policy Research
  • Jonathan Tasini National Writers Union
  • Gigi Sohn Public Knowledge
  • Robin Gross Electronic Frontier Foundation
  • Manon Ress
  • Jeff Chester Center for Digital Democracy
  • Jennifer Toomey Future of Music Coalition
  • Marc Rotenberg Electronic Privacy Information Center
  • David Bollier Public Knowledge, New America Foundation

Constitutionalizing the Public Domain

  • Yochai Benkler New York University Law School.
  • William Van Alystne Duke Law School
  • H. Jefferson Powell Duke Law School
  • Jed Rubenfeld Yale Law School
  • Larry Lessig Stanford Law School (moderator)

Reimagining the Public Domain

  • Julie Cohen Georgetown University Law School
  • James Boyle Duke Law School
  • John Perry Barlow Electronic Frontier Foundation
  • David Bollier Public Knowledge, New America Foundation (moderator)

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