Salzburg Global Seminar / Lloyd N. Cutler Fellows in International Law and Public Service -- Call for Applications

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Call for Applications

Salzburg Global Seminar / Lloyd N. Cutler Fellows in International Law and Public Service

March 11-27, 2021


Duke Law School is accepting applications for the 2021 Salzburg Global Seminar / Lloyd N. Cutler Fellows Program in International Law and Public Service. Up to four 2L and 3L and qualified LLM students will be selected to participate. The Salzburg/Cutler Fellows Program brings together the nation’s top law students with leading academics, judges, and practitioners in the fields of private and public international law. The program examines the most critical issues shaping today’s international law agenda and creates a network of men and women interested in careers in international practice and public service. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the program will be held on-line this year.

As part of the Salzburg Cutler Fellows Program experience, each Fellow prepares and presents a research paper intended for eventual publication. Topics come from public and private international law in fields ranging from finance to human rights, free speech to the law of war. Some of the top law faculty in the world offer advice on how to make their argument most effective, and on how to succeed in getting papers accepted by journals in the United States and across the world. Key deadlines for this paper include: working title submitted by February 5, 2021; a five-to-eight-page executive summary introducing the topic and laying out the student's argument, due by February 17, 2021.

The tentative schedule of the program is:
        Thursday, March 11 (7–9 p.m.): Informal opening ceremony; mixer for students
        Saturday, March 13 (1–4 p.m.): Group A paper workshop session
        Thursday, March 18 (7–9 p.m.): Lecture/Panel for Cutler Fellows 2021; speaker(s) TBA
        Saturday, March 20 (1–4 p.m.): Group B paper workshop session
        Thursday, March 25 (7–9 p.m.): Annual Salzburg Cutler Lecture and networking event
        Saturday, March 27 (1–4 p.m.): Knowledge Cafe session and Closing remarks

The sessions on Saturday, March 13 and 20 will be devoted to developing and critiquing the executive summaries of student research papers in discussions led by faculty members. These breakout groups are designed to help students prepare their papers for eventual publication.

What Is the Cost? Because this year's program is virtual, there will be no costs for students.

Who Can Apply? The program is open to 2L, 3L and LLM Duke Law students only. Students with strong international experience and/or backgrounds are particularly encouraged to apply. A maximum of four students will be accepted.

How Do I Apply? Please submit the following documents to Balfour Smith ( by Thursday, January 7, 2021 at 12:00 noon (ET):

1) Cover letter explaining your background and interest in the Cutler Fellows Program
2) Unofficial transcript
3) Resume or CV
4) One-page abstract describing the research topic/paper you would wish to present during the breakout sessions of the Cutler Fellows Program. Abstracts should outline an issue or question in international law that will be developed into a research paper, journal note, or other publication. Abstracts should generally fit in one of these major areas: i) humanitarian law, human rights, and use of force; ii) international economic, investment, and monetary law; iii) international trade, anti-corruption, and antitrust; iv) international institutions and international relations; and v) rule of law and comparative constitutionalism.

Students are encouraged to submit abstracts based on articles or papers in development for other purposes, such as a seminar, independent study, or law journal.

Questions? Please contact Balfour Smith at

Want additional information?
Visit the Cutler Fellows website
Visit the Salzburg Global Seminar website

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