Five Questions

November 28, 2011Duke Law News

1. Quick bio:
Hometown: Raleigh, NC
College: Duke University in 2010 with a BA in International Comparative Studies.

2. Favorite non-law read:
Definitely the "The Hunger Games". I just leisurely started reading the first one this summer while I was working and of course had to immediately read the entire series! It's a little embarrassing that the books are found in the "young adult" section of bookstores, but we all need something a little less rigorous to read every now and then. Counting down until the film comes out!

3. Favorite law school memory:
My favorite law school memory has to be a combination of every softball game I played with my 1L section during our first fall at the law school. It was such a relief to get outside and exercise a bit, all the while making new friends with people I would spend the next 3 years with. It was especially exciting when one of our professors joined us for a game to cheer us on.

4. Favorite Durham restaurant or activity:
My favorite Durham restaurant has to be Elmo's Diner. They serve great breakfast food all day and it's a really relaxed atmosphere. Plus it's inexpensive and definitely fits in my law student budget.

5. Tell us something about yourself that otherwise we wouldn't know or guess:
You probably wouldn't guess that, since I can't carry a tune for anything, Glee would be one of my favorite tv shows ever. I insist upon signing all of the songs in my car (at least when I'm in my car by myself). It also provides an interesting way for me to think about copyright law for my Intellectual Property course -- that hour I spend watching it on Tuesday nights is actually "research."

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Courtney Jamison '13