Blocher says talk of Greenland purchase ignored the opinion of its people

Joseph Blocher fielded media calls from around the globe recently after President Trump floated the idea of buying Greenland from Denmark. Blocher, whose scholarly interests include the First and Second Amendments, legal history, and property, has also written and co-authored articles on the transfer of sovereign territory, both within the U.S. and internationally. He and his frequent co-author, Professor Mitu Gulati, published an essay in Politico on how a hypothetical purchase of Greenland might play out.

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Joseph Blocher

Meet Joseph Blocher

Joseph Blocher is Lanty L. Smith ‘67 Professor of Law and serves as co-director, with Darrell Miller, of the Center for Firearms Law. His principal academic interests include federal and state constitutional law, the First and Second Amendments, legal history, and property. His current scholarship addresses issues of gun rights and regulation, free speech, sovereignty, and refugee law and has published articles on those and other topics in leading law journals and mainstream media outlets. He is co-author of the books Free Speech Beyond Words and The Positive Second Amendment: Rights, Regulation, and the Future of Heller.

Meet Joseph Blocher


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