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Music and Theft: Technology, Sampling, and the Law : DJ Spooky

Music and Theft
Dick Hebdige
Daphne Keller
Anthony Kelley
Fred Koenigsberg
Scott Lindroth
Tim Mandelbaum
David Sanjek
DJ Spooky

Conference Participants

Paul Miller


  • Artist,writer, and musician
  • DJ Spooky “that Subliminal Kid”

Practical Experience and Bio

  • Paul Miller is a conceptual artist, writer, and musician working in New York City. A writer for numerous publications, Mr. Miller is Co-Publisher of the magazine "A Gathering of the Tribes", and was the first Editor-At-Large of the cutting edge digital media magazine, "Artbyte: The Magazine of Digital Culture." His artwork has appeared in the Whitney Biennial; Venice Biennial for Architecture (2000); Ludwig Museum, Koln; Kunsthalle, Vienna; Andy Warhol Museum and other important venues. But Mr. Miller is most well known under the moniker of his "constructed persona" as DJ Spooky "that Subliminal Kid," a character from his upcoming novel, "Flow My Blood the Dj Said." He has performed throughout the US, Europe, and Australia. Additionally, he has recorded and collaborated with a wide variety of pre-eminent musicians and composers such as Iannis Xenakis, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Kool Keith, Yoko Ono, and Thurston Moore. Mr. Miller has remixed records by artists ranging from Metallica to Steve Reich.

Work Samples

  • His own records include Riddim Warfare (Geffen); Songs of a Dead Dreamer, The Viral Sonata, and Synthetic Fury (Asphodel); and Necropolis (Knitting Factory), and the newly released dj mix record Under the Influence (Six Degrees)
  • More information and music samples can be found at

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