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Music and Theft: Technology, Sampling, and the Law : Daphne Keller

Music and Theft
Dick Hebdige
Daphne Keller
Anthony Kelley
Fred Koenigsberg
Scott Lindroth
Tim Mandelbaum
David Sanjek
DJ Spooky

Conference Participants

Daphne Keller


Lecturing Fellow at Duke University School of Law

Practical Experience and Bio

Daphne Keller is a Senior Lecturing Fellow in Intellectual Property and the Public Domain at Duke Law University School of Law. She is a graduate of Brown University and of the Yale Law School, where she was Executive Editor of Yale Human Rights and Development Law Journal. Ms. Keller worked as a Research Associate and lectured at the Programme in Comparative Media Law and Policy at Wolfson College, Oxford. She has also been a Visiting Professor at Cardozo Law School, where she taught an intensive mini-class on digital intellectual property.

Work Samples

Daphne Keller is the author of "Metainformation, Technical Devices, and Self-Regulation: Parental Control in a Converged World" (with Stefaan Verhulst). She is working on an article about digital music called "Producing Information: Sampling, Semiotics, and Copyright Law."

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