Services for Student Journal Members

The Goodson Law Library is pleased to support journal students in their research-intensive production work. Journal editors may expect the same consistently excellent service which is provided to all law school students, faculty and staff. However, journal members must follow procedures that increase efficiency and fairness for all library users.


Borrowing Law Library Materials

Most items belonging to the Goodson Law Library may be checked out and stored in a journal office or the shelf outside the level one journal offices for one academic semester, with the option to renew for one additional academic semester (but not over the summer). Items may be subject to recall after two weeks.

To extend the loan period for Law Library items for journal use, mention the journal name to the library staff member at the time of borrowing. A green carrel slip should be filled out and placed in each item borrowed. Items checked out to journal students are subject to recall by other library users and may be removed from the journal office or storage area by library staff if needed.

The Collection Services Department can provide a book cart for your use if a large number of items are being checked out (or in) at one time. Carts should be returned to Collection Services as soon as transport of the items is completed.

To obtain items faster, Law students are encouraged to retrieve their own books from the Goodson Law Library if they are listed as "Available" in the catalog. Hold/recall requests should be placed for Law Library books that have been checked out by other users (see below).

If the Needed Item Cannot be Checked Out

Some Law Library items cannot be checked out, in order to ensure that they remain available for all users. These materials are frequently consulted by others and often contain a large volume of content beyond the portions which are needed by the journal. These materials may be photocopied or scanned from the library volumes, and may also be accessible electronically; see the library's research guide to Finding Legal Materials in PDF or consult the Reference Desk.

Items which generally cannot be checked out include:

  • U.S. Primary Law materials - state codes, USC, USCA, and case reporters, such as United States Reports and Supreme Court Reporter
  • Bound journal volumes
  • Reference and Reserve collections
  • Items with the status "Library Use Only" - e.g., most primary law materials for other countries. Because these items are requested less frequently by others, consult with a staff member if there are special circumstances for use in the alcove.

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If the Needed Item is Already Checked Out

Multiple editors often need to consult the same item. However, library staff are unable to disclose who has borrowed a particular title, due to North Carolina laws governing the confidentiality of library borrowing records. If the needed item is already checked out, take advantage of shared storage space and journal office, and check there first before making a recall/hold request for the item. To request an item which has been checked out from the online catalog, click on the button labeled "Request."

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If the Needed Item is Not Found

If a Law Library book is listed in the catalog as being "Available" on the shelf, but you are unable to find it, please fill out a Missing Item Report Form. While library staff attempt to trace the missing item, you may request a copy from another Duke library (if available), or place an interlibrary loan request (include a note that the Law Library copy was not on the shelf).

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Borrowing from Other Libraries

Items belonging to other Duke Libraries or those requested through interlibrary loan (non-Duke libraries) can only be checked out to an individual student's personal library account and stored in the journal office or designated storage area. Items from other Duke libraries are also subject to recall requests by other users.

Books received from other Duke Libraries are due at the end of the current academic year (earlier if recalled by another user); interlibrary loan material must be returned by the due date specified on the bookmark. Due dates are set by the owning library and can vary significantly. Failure to return ILL items could result in large fines and loss of the ability to borrow material from that institution. Renewal rules vary with each institution.

You can request delivery of books from other Duke Libraries from the catalog record, by clicking on the button labeled "Request."

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Interlibrary Loan

If needed items are not owned by the Duke libraries, or have been checked out, request an interlibrary loan from other libraries using the library's ILLiad system. Requesting items from the Triangle Research Libraries Network (Duke, NCCU, NC State, UNC-CH) is the quickest method; use Search TRLN, the combined catalog for these libraries, to locate items.

Individual articles and book chapters also can be requested through ILL. They will be scanned and uploaded to your ILLiad account. This process is much quicker than requesting an entire book.

General ILL delivery guidelines:

  • Items at Triangle-area libraries, and electronic deliveries, should arrive within 1-2 business days.
  • Items from outside the Triangle may take 5-7 days.
  • Very new or obscure titles may take longer.

When requesting items which are owned by Duke libraries but not available (e.g. missing or lost), be sure to include a note on your ILL request stating that the items are unavailable at Duke, to prevent the cancellation of your request.

Often more than one journal staff member needs the same item. To avoid unnecessary delays, always add your journal's name to journal-related interlibrary loan requests so that staff can intercept any duplicate requests. Check the journal office and storage space for these items before requesting.

The following items cannot be borrowed through interlibrary loan service:

  • Newspaper and magazine articles that are available electronically, on microform or in print at a Duke campus library;
  • Journal articles that are available electronically in PDF with original pagination;
  • Reference and Reserve materials;
  • Audio and video materials.

You will be notified via email when your materials have arrived. If the request is for a photocopy, it will be delivered to your ILLiad account electronically. All other materials can be picked up at the Law Library Circulation/Reserve Desk.

Back to top Support accounts will be made available to select Duke Law journal members so that they may create permanent links to research cited in articles published by that journal. Accounts per journal are capped at 1/3 of the journal staff or 10 users, whichever amount is lower, per year to allow for oversight of link creation and facilitate management of user accounts. For questions about Perma administration, please contact your journal's liaison librarian or Cas Laskowski.

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Library staff will retrieve any recalled or overdue items which are not returned within two weeks of an email notice.

Questions or issues related to the borrowing or return of library materials may be directed to the Circulation Desk at (919) 613-7128 or Questions about identifying and locating cited sources may be directed to the Reference Desk at (919) 613-7121 or

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