Data Sources: Courts

  • Attributes of U.S. Federal Judges
    Part of the University of South Carolina's Judicial Research Initiative, this data set provides information on the personal, social, economic, career and political attributes of U.S. Courts of Appeals judges from 1801 to 2000.
  • Bankruptcy Research Database
    An online resource of data on large, public company bankruptcies. Click on the "Complete Database" link at the top to access data.
  • Bankruptcy Report and Statistics
    A variety of statistics on bankruptcy filings and findings from U.S. Courts.
  • Bureau of Justice Statistics: State Court Organization
    Presents detailed comparative data by State trial and appellate courts in the United States.
  • Civil Rights Cases Clearinghouse
    A digital archive of more than 130,000 civil rights cases. Cases have been coded and indexed for searching.
  • CourtListener APIs & Bulk Data

    Free bulk data files containing millions of court opinions from federal and state courts. Opinions are imported from court websites,, Lawbox LLC, and others on an ongoing basis. Also includes judicial database files. From the Free Law Project (also sponsors of Juriscraper and RECAP).

  • Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Cases
    Data on cases (including a variety of variables) brought by the EEOC.
  • Federal Court Cases: 1970-2000
    Data on Federal Court Cases, 1970 - 2000. Includes data on the filing and termination of cases, data on civil and criminal cases.
  • Federal Court Management Statistics
    Statistics on the management of the Federal Courts, from 1997 to present.
  • Federal Judicial Caseload Statistics
    Statistics on the caseloads of the Federal Judiciary.
  • Judges of the United States Courts
    A directory of biographical information on Federal Judges, including time on the bench, race, gender, education, and professional career.
  • Judicial Nomination Statistics
    A PDF report on Judicial Nomination Statistics for U.S. District and Circuit Courts, 1977 - 2003.
  • Martin-Quinn Scores
    A measurement of the relative ideological position of Supreme Court justices, from 1937 to the present.
  • Merged Phase I and II Supreme Court Data
    Data on Supreme Court cases, including basic case characteristics, participation, issues, and judges and votes.
  • National Center for State Courts: Data
    Data from reports on State Courts, from 1975 to 2006.
  • State Legal Materials

    Full text of state materials, including statutes, court opinions, regulations, and administrative rulings in machine-readable format, from a database compiled by Jonathan Mayer, Stanford University. Hosted on Amazon S3 in a "requester pays" bucket.

  • State Supreme Court Data Project
    A dataset of all cases heard by State Supreme Courts from 1995-1998. To access the dataset, click on "Judge Level Data Set" on the right side of the page.
  • Statistical Reports on the Business of Court
    Reports on the Business of U.S. courts of appeals, district courts and bankruptcy courts, as well as the federal probation and pretrial services system.
  • Supreme Court Database

    Database of US Supreme Court decisions compiled by Harold Spaeth (the “Spaeth database”) from 1946-2014 with ongoing updates, which can be searched by issue, decision type, vote coalition, originating court, and other parameters. Site includes downloadable data and online code book.

  • The Judicial Research Initiative (JuRI)
    Download electronic datasets of Supreme Court and Appellate Court cases, and smaller datasets of cases from the highest courts of foreign countries
  • Supreme Court Forecasting
    A site dedicated to forecasting and testing models of Supreme Court decisionmaking.
  • Supreme Court Justices Database
    A database on 263 characteristics of all Justices nominated for the U.S. Supreme Court.
  • U.S. Appeals Court Data
    Data on cases in the U.S. Appeals court (from 1925 to 1996).
  • U.S. Federal Appellate Court Opinions

    Federal Circuit Courts of Appeal opinions in machine-readable format, compiled by Jonathan Mayer, Stanford University. Hosted by Amazon S3 in a “requester pays” bucket.

  • U.S. Federal Court Opinions
    Full Text of 1.8 million Federal Court Opinions, provided by Carl Malamud (of Law.Gov fame). Note that this collection is not complete. Please read the "Read Me" file first, as it explains the breakdown and organization of the files.
  • U.S. Federal Trial Court Opinions

    Federal trial court opinions compiled by Jonathan Mayer, Stanford University. Includes Federal District Court, Tax Court, Bankruptcy Court, IRS and Trademark opinions, the U.S. Constitution, federal procedural rules and sentencing guidelines in machine-readable form. Hosted on Amazon S3 in a "requester pays" bucket.

  • U.S. Courts - Reports and Publications
    Access to all the Reports and Publications of the U.S. Courts, including educational, historical, and statistical information.
  • Statistical Tables for the Federal Judiciary
    Access to reports produces by the U.S. Court bureaucracy, including statistics on a variety of types of cases.
  • United States Supreme Court Judicial Database, 1953-1997 Terms
    Data from ICPSR on Supreme Court decision making from 1953 through 1997.

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