Data Storage

Academic Technologies can help you find the best way to store your data. Depending on data sensitivity, the number of collaborators and the statistical processing anticipated, your options include the following.

  1. For less sensitive data that can be downloaded and processed on individual computers
    Duke's Box: Box accounts are freely available for all Duke faculty, staff, and students, and Duke's agreement with Box makes it a superior choice than DropBox or Google Drive. Box provides up to 50 GB of highly secure cloud storage space (the amount can be increased by request), and files up to 15 GB can be uploaded. Box can be accessed from any device with an internet connection, and materials in Box can be shared with anyone inside or outside of Duke.

  2. For more sensitive data requiring significant statistical or other processing by multiple Duke-based collaborators
    Storage and/or computing through a virtual machine operated by Academic Technologies in Duke's Data Center or within the law school
  3. For very large datasets or data that requires a very high degree of statistical or other processing:
    Storage and high-performance computing through the Duke High-Performance Computing Cluster
  4. For highly sensitive data
    • Storage and computing in Duke's protected data network
    • Storage and computing on dedicated non-network attached hardware in a protected space, such as an office

Please contact Wayne Miller, Associate Dean for Academic Technologies for assistance setting up the best data storage solution and to ensure compliance with any data protection or data management provisions of your grant or access agreement.