Empirical Research Support

Duke University has a vibrant research community involved in Empirical Legal Scholarship. The library has developed a program to support faculty members who wish to incorporate empirical research into their legal scholarship. An Empirical Research Analyst is available to assist individual faculty members with their research tasks, including: developing research proposals, acquiring data sets, determining the best statistical approach to use in analyzing data, and performing statistical analyses. These sections of the website provide access to key resources, as well as descriptions of specific services and computer programs which are available at Duke.


Describes services available within Duke University.

Data Sources

Recommended links for data sets and statistical compilations, organized by topics which are most relevant to empirical research in a legal context.

Data Storage

Outlines options for storing your data securely and/or provide access to collaborators.

Programs & Software

Links to information about statistical computing software available to the Duke community, as well as training materials for these programs.


Outlines law reviews and journals which regularly publish empirical research, and includes examples from authors at Duke Law.


Introductory training materials for basic statistical methods.


For assistance with the Empirical Research Program, please contact:

Alex Jakubow, Ph.D.
Associate Director for Empirical Research and Data Services