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The Goodson Law Library provides a variety of services for the Law School faculty. Reference librarians will work with you and other members of your research team to help you locate information and identify and obtain relevant books, articles and electronic resources to assist your teaching and scholarship. You may coordinate any of these services by contacting the Reference Services Desk (ref@law.duke.edu or (919) 613-7121), as well as the direct contacts listed below. Governing faculty are encouraged to coordinate these services through their liaison librarian.

Research Support

Liaison Librarian Program

All governing faculty, Visiting Assistant Professors, faculty holding joint appointments with a primary appointment to Law, and clinic directors are formally assigned an individual librarian who acts as their library liaison. While we encourage you to use any of the departmental contacts listed throughout this page, your liaison librarian is your best contact for information about Library services and research requests because the liaison focuses on knowing your areas of teaching and scholarship and providing services to support them. Your liaison librarian should arrange to meet with you at the beginning of each semester to discuss your current needs, and is available throughout the year to support your research and instruction with the services listed below. Contact Associate Director for Public Services, Rachel Gordon with questions about the Liaison Librarian program.


Faculty Research Assistants Program

For short-term research projects during the academic year, all Law faculty may request the services of law students who are hired, trained and supervised by the reference librarians. We assign library RAs to work on your projects based upon their areas of interest and availability. To request assistance on a project, contact program coordinator Cas Laskowski.

Empirical Research Support

The Empirical Research and Data Services Department provides empirical research support for the Law School community. For an overview of existing services and resources, please visit http://www.law.duke.edu/lib/facultyservices/empirical.

Training & Orientation

The law librarians can provide basic and specialized research training for you, your academic assistants, or other members of your research team, including fellows and support staff of academic centers & programs. Potential training topics include orientation to LexisNexis, Westlaw, Bloomberg Law, and/or other electronic databases. We can schedule one-on-one or group sessions and are also available for impromptu sessions. We especially encourage training of newly-hired research assistants, and offer training for faculty RAs at the beginning of the summer.

Routing Services

To keep you informed of the latest legal news and scholarship, we can send you the most recent copies of law journals and other periodicals when they arrive in the library. To request routing of a particular title (or to modify your existing routing list), contact Collection Services (cir@law.duke.edu or 919-613-7128).

Alert Services

Many publishers allow us to set up periodic electronic notifications to you about new books, journal articles, cases, amendments to statutes, and working papers in your areas of interest. To set up an alert, contact Reference Services (ref@law.duke.edu or (919) 613-7121). Here are some of the major services we can set up for you:

  • "New Titles": Biweekly email notice of new books and journals that the library has recently purchased in your selected subject areas. Each item in your alert includes a delivery request link in order to facilitate office routing.
  • SSRN & BePress Working Papers: Both of these products allow you to read the newest works of scholarship before they are published. The Social Sciences Research Network (SSRN) includes scholarship in 11 major disciplines, including: economics, finance, management, and law. BePress has institution-specific and subject-specific working paper databases which you may browse or search, including a repository of legal scholarship working papers. Both products allow you to set up subject, author or repository-specific searches to be run periodically, with the results automatically forwarded to you.
  • Current Index to Legal Periodicals & SmartCILP: We can help you set up email notification of new law journal articles through CILP. SmartCILP allows you to customize your alerts to provide TOCs from specific legal journals, as well as articles from a variety of journals on a specific legal subject.
  • LexisNexis/Westlaw/Bloomberg: We can assist you in setting up periodic searches in online legal research services, including searches for new legislation, cases, journal articles or news articles. These alerts will be run at an interval of your choosing (e.g. daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly etc.), and delivered to your e-mail.
Recent Faculty Scholarship

The Library works with you to provide wide access to your scholarship through the Duke Law Scholarship Repository, and through submission to other major repositories such as SSRN. In addition, we regularly gather and publish notices of your recent scholarship. To notify us of items you want included in any of these resources, please contact scholarship@law.duke.edu.

Interlibrary Loan & Document Delivery

If you need an item you don’t see in our catalog or want an article you can’t find, we usually can obtain it for you from another library. You can use our online form, email the Interlibrary Loan department (ill@law.duke.edu) or call (919) 613-7121.

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Course Support

Research Lectures & Tutorials

Reference librarians have the expertise to guide your students on researching particular areas of law for your courses. If you would like to arrange a lecture or tutorial on legal research for one of your courses, please contact Reference Services (ref@law.duke.edu or (919) 613-7121).

Research Resources for Sakai Course Sites

We can add both static and dynamic research information to your Sakai course site, including RSS feeds and research guides created specifically for your course. Contact Reference Services (ref@law.duke.edu or (919) 613-7121) if you would like research resources added to your course web page. A proxy link builder is also available for you or your assistant to add direct, stable links to readings and other resources.

Course Reserves

The Library purchases required course materials to place on Reserve, excluding supplements. We can also place any title currently owned by the Law Library on Reserve for a particular course. Contact Collection Services (cir@law.duke.edu or (919) 613-7128) to add items to Course Reserve. The Library recommends using Sakai for electronic reserves. Duke University publishes guidelines for copyright compliance and the Library has several Copyright Consultants who can provide guidance in this area.

Extending the Classroom

We have identified software programs that can help you find new ways to extend your interaction with students both outside and within the classroom, including in-class polling, recording videos, and online forums.  Read the Extending the Classroom with Technology page for more information.

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Publication Support

Duke Law Scholarship Repository

The Goodson Law Library maintains the Duke Law Scholarship Repository, which aims to include comprehensive holdings of the final versions of all works by current Duke faculty members, as well as scholarship produced by Law School research centers and programs. To submit an addition to the repository, please contact your liaison librarian or scholarship@law.duke.edu.

ExpressO/Scholastica Journal Submission

The Law School maintains an institutional account to the journal submission services Bepress ExpressO and Scholastica. During the account creation process, faculty should use their @law.duke.edu address to connect to the Duke Law administrative account and avoid submission fees. (Faculty may also recommend account creation for individual Law School students who wish to submit their work from the Duke Law Scholarly Writing Workshop, Student Paper Series, Capstone projects, etc. Subsidized law student accounts are limited to 20 total submissions, and will be removed from Law School coverage when the subsidy limit is reached or shortly after graduation, whichever comes first.) For more information about the account creation or submission process, please contact Reference Services (ref@law.duke.edu or (919) 613-7121).

SSRN Postings

The Goodson Law Library can assist with posting your scholarship to the Social Sciences Research Network, where it can be listed in topical e-journal alerts. For more information, please contact Reference Services (ref@law.duke.edu or (919) 613-7121).

Scholarship Tracking

Library staff can provide information about options for locating citations to your publications. We can offer guidance on the creation of individual author profiles within such sites as Google Scholar and ResearchGate. For more information about scholarship tracking options, please visit Scholarship Tracking Sites or contact Reference Services.

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Continuing Legal Education (CLE)

Online Continuing Legal Education (CLE)

The Goodson Law Library’s subscription to Westlaw includes access to more than 600 online CLE courses in the West LegalEdcenter. Current Law School faculty and staff may be added to the list of eligible users by contacting Jennifer Behrens, Associate Director for Administration. (Users will be responsible for submitting certificates of completion to their state’s MCLE authority.)

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Suggest Services or Resources

If you have an idea for an additional way that the Library can assist Duke Law faculty, please contact Library Director Femi Cadmus. We also welcome your suggestions for items we should purchase for the collection, which can be directed to Reference Services (ref@law.duke.edu or (919) 613-7121).

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