Larson Reserve Collection

The Larson Reserve Collection contains both permanent and course reserve materials, which require limited circulation due to high demand or frequent use in Law School courses. The Permanent Reserves collection includes student texts such as hornbooks and nutshells, basic treatises for first-year courses, legal research and writing texts, and a selection of titles about attending law school and taking exams. Course Reserves include books and other materials which are placed on reserve for a particular course at the request of the instructor.

The collection is named in honor of Professor Arthur Larson, who joined the Law School in 1958 after working for the Eisenhower administration. Prof. Larson taught international law courses and established the school's World Rule of Law Center (later called the Rule of Law Research Center), also serving as the center's director until his retirement in 1980. He died in 1993 at the age of 82.

Reserve materials are located behind the service desk on Level 3 of the library. View Level 3 map and description