Our Commitment to Teaching

Prof. Dunlap with Duke Law studentsThe range of topics and issues that fall under the rubric of national security law continues to expand. In some way, national and international security law matters affect almost every aspect of 21st century life, from battlefields to boardrooms to backyards. Events that capture daily headlines or become the lead stories on the nightly news have a dramatic and almost instantaneous effect upon national security decision making, and also on the political, economic, and social life of the United States as well as nations around the globe. Our Center aims to help students and others understand the legal and ethical implications of these events, so as to acquire the skills to become uniquely qualified counselors and decision makers, regardless of the discipline in which they eventually practice.

The Center presents guest lectures and events on national security law and policy topics in undergraduate and graduate classes throughout Duke University, as well as other colleges, universities, service academies and military installations around the country and internationally, and provides speakers and panelists for both governmental and nongovernmental symposiums.

Additionally, the Center participates in Duke Law's D.C. Summer Institute on Law and Policy with a course entitled, “Hot Topics in National and International Security Law: Drones, Lawfare, Surveillance and More.”

Selected courses