Prioritarianism in Practice Book Chapters

The work of the PiP Research Network will be published as a book, Prioritarianism in Practice (Matthew Adler and Ole Norheim eds., Cambridge University Press, forthcoming 2022). Some of the draft book chapters have been posted as working papers, and these papers are posted here. If you have questions about the book, please contact Leanna Doty at


Chapter 1.  Matthew D. Adler and Ole F. Norheim, “Introduction”

Chapter 2.  Matthew D. Adler, “Theory of Prioritarianism

Chapter 3.  Matthew D. Adler and Koen Decancq, “Well-being Measurement

Chapter 4.  Matti Tuomala and Matthew Weinzierl, “Prioritarianism and Optimal Taxation

Chapter 5.  Koen Decancq and Erik Schokkaert, “Prioritarianism and Measuring Social Progress

Chapter 6.  Richard Cookson, Ole F. Norheim, and Ieva Skarda, “Prioritarianism and Health Policy

Chapter 7.  James K. Hammitt and Nicolas Treich,  “Prioritarianism and Fatality Risk Regulation

Chapter 8.  Maddalena Ferranna and Marc Fleurbaey,  “Prioritarianism and Climate Change

Chapter 9.  Erwin Ooghe, “Prioritarianism and Education

Chapter 10. Erik Schokkaert and Benoît Tarroux, “Empirical Research on Ethical Preferences: How Popular is Prioritarianism?

Chapter 11. Paolo Brunori, Francisco H.G. Ferreira, and Vito Peragine, “Prioritarianism and Equality of Opportunity

Chapter 12. David E. Bloom, Maddalena Ferranna, and JP Sevilla, “Prioritarianism and the COVID-19 Pandemic