Prioritarianism in Practice (PiP) Research Network

While utilitarians seek to maximize the sum total of individual well-being, “prioritarians” give extra weight to the well-being of those who are worse off.  The “Prioritarianism in Practice” research network aims to develop the theory and application of prioritarianism, to the point that it can function as a full-blown policy assessment tool.  The PiP network is organized around a series of research projects, each headed by one or more leading experts.  The network is directed by Matthew Adler ( and Ole Norheim ( The research of the PiP network was published as a book, Prioritarianism in Practice (Matthew D. Adler and Ole Norheim eds., Cambridge University Press, 2022), in April 2022.

Research Projects: 

  • Theory of Prioritarianism
  • The Measurement of Social Progress
  • Optimal Taxation
  • Health Care
  • Fatality Risk Regulation 
  • Climate Change
  • Education Policy
  • Empirical Research into Ethical Preferences
  • Equality of Opportunity
  • Wellbeing Measurement
  • The COVID-19 Pandemic


  • Cornell Program on Ethics and Public Life Webinar - 2020 (slides)


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