About Us

The Center for Innovation Policy at Duke Law is a forum for independent, nonpartisan analysis and balanced discussion of policies for promoting technological innovation that enhances long-term social welfare. The Center brings together technology and business leaders, government officials, lawyers, and academics to identify improvements in legal frameworks and policies that directly affect innovation. These include intellectual property, other R&D incentives, as well as industry-specific regulation in life sciences, information, and communications. In addition to a varied program of public events on Duke’s Durham, North Carolina, campus and at the University’s conference facilities in Washington, D.C., faculty undertake original research for presentation at conferences and/or for publication. The Center draws on the expertise of affiliated faculty across the University. A board of distinguished business leaders as well as former and current public officials advises the Center’s leadership.

The Center’s activities have received financial support from a variety of public and private sponsors. Its current financial support comes entirely from foundation and government grants. To ensure the Center’s objectivity and independence, it adheres to a set of restrictive guidelines in its relationships with financially-interested stakeholders.

The Center’s Faculty Co-Directors, law professors Stuart Benjamin and Arti Rai, have done extensive academic work on spectrum auctions, broadband regulation, patent system improvement, and effective diffusion of federally funded research. Benjamin and Rai have also translated their research into practice through appointments to senior executive positions at (respectively) the Federal Communications Commission and the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.