Photo Archive FAQ

Q: How do I find a photo in the archive?

A: Photos can be browsed and searched.


Use the red buttons on the top to browse by era/decade.  Browsing can also be performed after completing a search.


  • Use the “keyword” box to search for any word or name.
  • Use the “Person” box to search through a controlled list of faculty, staff, and alumni names. 
  • Use the “Era” dropdown list to find photos from a specific decade. 

How to Search for Class Photos and Alumni from a Certain Year:

  • Class Photos: In the "keyword" box, type in Class of <year>. For example you can search all class photos from the 1960s by typing in Class of 196, but if you want to get pictures of the class of 1964, type in Class of 1964.
  • Alumni from a Certain Year: In the "keyword" box, type  'year.  For example to search for anyone who graduated in 1978, type in '78 .

Once you have located set of photos to look at here are some tips for navigating around your results:

  • Click on a thumbnail image to use a pop-up window that lets you scroll through all the pictures on that page.
  • Click on the description under the thumbnail image to see more detailed information about the photo
  • Click on “Current Search” to return to your search when you are in the detailed information view.  Press “Clear” or “New Search” to look for something different.

Q: Information in this photo is incorrect or missing, who do I contact about that?

A: In the detailed information view, click on the “Suggested Edits” option and type in your changes.  Then click "Submit."

Q: How do I donate photos?

A: To donate Duke Law-related photos to the archive, please contact Archival Projects Associate, Lee Cloninger (  We accept both physical and digital photos.  

Q: Can I use these photos for my own projects?

A: The photos in this archive should only be used for Duke Law business use (to share with alumni) or on our website.   Photos are the property of Duke Law School and copyright is listed on those photos that have copyright assigned to them.  Duke Photography has given the law school permission to use the photos with copyright assigned to them on our website, but not necessarily for anything else.   Check with Lee Cloninger for questions about using the images.

Q: Who has access to these photos?

A: Only current Duke Law school faculty and staff have access to this NETID-protected archive. 

Q: I’m having a hard time using the archive. Can someone show me how to use it?

A: Please contact Archival Projects Associate Lee Cloninger ( or the Reference Desk ( to schedule a time to learn more about the archive.