Paul D. Carrington

Works in Progress

  • Book Review (January 01, 2013) (reviewing Jeffrey O'Connell & Thomas E. O'Connell, Political and Legal Adventurers: From Marx to Moynihan (2009))
  • The War on Poverty and Guaranteed Student Loans: The Consequences for the Legal Profession (January 01, 2013)


Articles and Essays

Newspaper Articles and Commentary

  • Bring the Justices Back to Earth (Op-Ed.), New York Times (April 10, 2012, at A23)
  • No Such Thing As A Corporate Citizen, National Law Journal (January 18, 2010, at 39)
  • When to Retire a Justice, New York Times (January 20, 2009)
  • Mandatory Arbitration Clauses: Time to Revise FAA, National Law Journal (July 30, 2007, at 12)
  • A Service Profession, 240 Science (January 01, 1988) (reviewing Terence C. Halliday, Beyond Monopoly: Lawyers, State Crises, and Professional Empowerment (1987))
  • Dean's Dedication Speech, Duke Law Magazine (January 01, 1982, at 28) (for the Salmon P. Chase Law School, University of Northern Kentucky)


  • Transnational Dispute Resolution(Temp ed. 2003)