Documents - Wills

North Carolina Statutes:
Wills:  Chapter 31
Powers of Fiduciaries  Chapter 32, sections 36-37
Intestate Succession Provisions  Chapter 29
Spouse's Elective Share  Chapter 30-3.1 through 3.6
Entitlement to Year's Allowance, Chapter 30-15, 16, 17
Trust for Care of Animal,  Chapter 36c-4-408 Trust for care of Animal

Estate Procedure, North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts. This publication explains the procedures for probate or administration of an estate.

Background and Preparation Review the materials below before meeting with your client

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Will Template Forms; Choose the form that is appropriate for your client's situation. You may need to combine several forms.


Specific Will Clauses


After the Will is Executed: