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Clinic Access:

  • You will have access to the clinic 24/7 within the first week of the semester. Remember, please do not bring non-clinic students into the pods at ANY time.

Finding Stuff

  • Files
    • Open client files are in the tall file cabinet in the Health Justice Clinic pod, next to the clinic "library" (ie bookshelf). Disability cases (with big binders) are in the first two drawers. Smaller files in folders are kept in the third drawer.
    • Closed files are filed by number. (You can get the file number in Clio). The most recent are in the middle pod (occupied by Community Enterprise). Older ones are in the copy room, starting next to the refrigerator. REALLY old files are in storage.
  • Supplies --Help! I need a pen and pad of paper!

    You can get supplies in the copy room. Pens, DVDs, sticky notes, etc., are in the top left file drawer under the mailboxes in the copy room. Paper, file folders, legal pads, labels, etc., are in labelled cabinets along the wall with the copy machine.

  • Stamps

    For regular mail, we use our mail code, which is pre-printed on the envelope form in our macro. (Code is 3990007). Because the Duke Mail system can be slow, you can use stamps on mail that is time-sensitive. For something very time sensitive, drop it at the post office. We also use stamps on return envelopes (ie, we're sending a stamped envelope to someone so they can return something to us). If you need a stamp, get one from Sandra. If she's not there, ask Hannah or Allison

  • Parking passes
    Clients or other visitors need a parking pass for the law lot. Get one from Sandra, and put the client appointment on the paper calendar in the clinic pod.

Client Interviews:

  • Where do I meet with my clients?

    We meet with clients at medical appointments or at the law school. At the law school, you can use either the conference room or one of the interview rooms just outside the clinic suite.

  • How do I reserve a room?

    Use the Firm Calendar in Clio and reserve the room for the times you need.



  • Where do I put outgoing mail?

    Outgoing mail Goes in the wire tray at Sandra's desk. The mail goes out at 12:30 pm from the mailroom. Please put mail face down to preserve client confidentiality

  • Does it need a stamp?

    No, we use our code, 3990007, which is pre-printed on the envelope template. You can use a stamp if the mail is time sensitive.

  • When does the mail go out?

    12:30 p.m.

  • What if I get mail?
    Your mail will first go to Allison or Hannah. They will distribute and place mail in your mail box
  • Where's my mail box?
    You have two mailboxes - check them both. There's one in the copy/supply room behind Sandra's desk. The other is in the Health Justice Clinic pod, on the shelf. Yes, we know that seems silly, but the mailbox up front is usually used for incoming mail and stuff from Sandra. The one in the pod is usually used by Allison and Hannah. Just humor us.


  • How do I make a phone call?

    Just dial the number. No need to dial 9.

  • How do I dial within the law school?

    Dial the full number (area code note needed). Numbers you want to know:
    Allison --613-7135; Hannah 613-8516

  • What phone number do I give to clients?

    Have clients call either our main number or the toll free number. Don't give them your extension number. The phones in the pods don't have voice mail.
    Main number: (919) 613-7169 Toll Free: (888) 600-7274

  • Can/Should I give clients my personal phone number?

    Generally, no. Use the clinic phone number. However, sometimes you may get into such an endless game of phone tag that we might make an exception. Please consult with your supervising attorney first.

  • How do I make sure I get my calls when I'm in the office?

    Let Sandra know the extension number of the phone at your work station.

  • Do I need to answer the phone?
    If Sandra is away from her desk, the clinic phone will ring at one phone in each of the pods. If you can, answer the phone, saying "Duke Law Clinics" and pass the call along or take a message as needed. If you're too busy, let the phone ring and it will go into voice mail
  • What do I do if I take a phone message?
    E-mail the recipient with the name and number.
  • How do I transfer a call?
    • Detailed instructions and phone extensions are posted at the student work stations.
    • Get the caller's name and phone number in case the call doesn't go through
    • Press the transfer button (not hold)
    • Dial the number of the person the call should go to
    • When they answer, let them know who is calling and press the transfer button again for the call to go through


  • Do I need a coversheet? Where do I find one?

    Yes. You can generate a coversheet in the "create" document function in Clio. You can also link from the Office page on this site.

  • Where's the fax machine?

    The multi-function machine in the copy/supply room serves as our fax machine.

  • How do I send a fax?
    • Choose fax from the menu & follow instructions.
    • Enter the fax number & press fax
    • After your fax has fed through, wait for the confirmation sheet to make sure the fax went through. Save the fax and confirmation sheet in the client file.
  • What about incoming faxes?

    Our fax number is: (919) 613-7262. This is a CONFIDENTIAL fax line. Faxes come in at the multi-function machine in the copy/supply room.
    When a fax is received it will be put in your mailbox.


  • There is a multi-function copier, scanner, printer in the clinic pod. You do not need to use a code. Please SHRED any rejects that have client identifying information (or you can put them in the locked shred bin in the clinic pod). The multi-function in the copy/supply room can also be used.


  • Where do I save stuff?

    Upload all clinic-related documents to the appropriate matter in Clio.

  • You may save temporarily while working into your "my documents" folder on the clinic desktop.  You may save temporarily while working to your ENCRYPTED laptop. Do not save to flash drives or other portable media.

  • How do I get my computer encrypted?
  • Make an appointment with the helpdesk as early as possible in the semester. It is best to get your laptop encrypted before you are trained in Clio.
  • How do I print?
  • There are two printer/copier/scanners for student use. They are identified on your print menu as "2179" and "2175." The printer in the pod is "2179." It has three trays. Tray one should have plain paper. There is also a manual feed tray at the top that is used for envelopes. Please refill the paper trays as needed. Both machines print single or double sided and can staple.
    Can I print from my laptop?

    • Yes, you will get instructions for setting up the clinic pod printers from your laptop. Please don't print case related material anywhere but the clinic pod printers. Please do not do personal printing (other than a page or two at a time) on the clinic printers. We have a limited budget and can't afford to print out your 60 page reading assignment for another course.

    • Help! The printer jammed! Is out of toner! Just ate my first born child!
    • Relax - get Sandra to help with this. If Sandra's not there, let one of the faculty know

    • Letters
    • We don't use printed letterhead paper. Use the letterhead in Word. Please SIGN every letter in the space between the "Sincerely" and your printed name. You don't have to sign the file copy.

    • Envelopes

      Print your envelopes to the pod printer. When you use the envelope template, it should have the correct settings to automatically print the envelope. If it doesn't, make sure the envelope selected is 10 inch. That may solve the problem. There are extra envelopes are in the copy room in the cupboards above the copy machine.

    • Mailing Labels

      If you ask nicely, you can probably get Sandra to print your label. Otherwise, get a sheet of labels. There are labels in the copy room and in mail trays in the pod. There is a button on the toolbar in Word for labels. This will bring up a sheet of labels. Copy the Health Justice Clinic return address to the box for the next unused label on the sheet. Add the address you're sending the item to.

  • Can I scan?

    Yes. We do lots of scanning. In fact, we scan all incoming mail, documents, medical records. We scan executed copies of client documents. Use either multi-function printer/copier/scanner and scan to the S drive (Clinic Scans). After you finish scanning, retrieve your scanned document from the S drive, in the folder called "clinicscans." Open the document and save it to Clio. Then delete it from the clinicscan folder so it goesn't get too cluttered.

Computer problems

As a general rule, when you're having computer problems, start by loggin off and restarting the machine. You can try checking in with other students and then with Allison. If there is an equipment problem, or any other issue we can't solve in the clinic, please send a request to the helpdesk and copy Allison and Sandra.

PLEASE let us know if there are problems with computers. Don't just move to another computer -- let us know which computer gave you a problem and what the problem was.

  • Trouble saving document into Clio
  • Refer to your Clio users guide. IF that doesn't help, ask one of us.
  • Help, I deleted the Matter!!
  • You will be shot. (No, just kidding.) We can restore the case -- check with Allison