Office Forms

How do I . . . ?

  • Office Manual

  • The Office Manual will answer most of your questions about office procedures, logistics, opening and closing files,answering the phone, copies, mail, etc.  You'll get tired of hearing Hannah and Allison answer your questions with, "It's explained in the Clinic Manual...," so when you have a question, check here first.


  • Lawyer's Handbook 2020 This includes the North Carolina Rules of Professional Conduct and Rules Governing the Practice of Law Student. You are bound by these rules while practicing as a Certified Law Student.  You are required to read the rules and ethics opinions prior to being certified. 
  • Supervision Meeting Forms
    This form should be prepared and submitted by 5:00 p.m. the day before your weekly meeting. Upload it to your Administrative Case.
  • Interviewing Rubric
    Use this form to self-assess your interviewing experiences
  • Client Release for Taping/Monitoring
    If a client is willing to have an interview recorded, use this release

Office forms:

All office forms can also be accessed directly from Clio, under the "New Document from Template" function

Intake and Screening

Intake Sheet
Social Security/SSI Disability Telephone Screening
Use this form to get the key details needed to evaluate a disability case.  Attach it to the Intake Sheet.