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Selected Laws/Regulation/Rules:

Vocational Assessment

Medical-Vocational Quick Reference Guide, POMS DI 25001.001, Excellent compendium of medical-vocational terms

Medical-Vocational Guidelines, Appendix 2 of Subpart P of 24 CFR Part 404 -- "The Grids"

Dictionary of Occupational Titles

Health Justice Clinic Materials

Medical Records & Releases

  • To obtain medical records, we need a signed release from the client. Many facilities have their own special medical release. Contact the provider/facility and find out if they require their own release form to be used, or will accept a generic medical (HIPAA) release. If the facility has their own release, obtain a copy and get it signed by the client. Otherwise, use our standard medical release
  • Charting Medical Records:
    Medical Chart Template
    Use this form to summarize medical records.

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