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  • Text: The Code of Cedartown, §211. Drawing Concealed Weapons. It shall be unlawful for any person in this city to draw from a place of concealment about his person, any pistol, dirk or bowie knife.
    Subject: Brandishing
    Jurisdiction: Georgia
    Year: 1900
  • Text: § 387 If any person shall go into church or religious assembly, any school room, or other place where persons are assembled for amusement or for educational or scientific purposes, or into any circus, show or public exhibition of any kind or into a ball room, social party or social gathering, to to any election precinct, on the day or days of any election, where any portion of the people of this territory are collected to vote at any election, or to any other place where people may be assembled to minister, or to perform any other public duty, or to any other public assembly, and shall have or carry about his person a pistol or other firearm, dirk, dagger, slung-shot, sword-cane, spear, brass knuckles, bowie knife or any other kind of knife manufactured and sold for the purposes of offense or defense, he shall be punished by a fine not less than fifty or more than five hundred dollars, and shall forfeit to the county the weapon or weapons so found on his person. § 391: It shall be the duty of the keeper of each and every hotel, boarding house and drinking saloon, to keep posted in a conspicuous place in his bar room, or reception room . . . a plain notice to travelers to divest themselves of their weapons in accordance with section 382 of this act, and the sheriffs of the various counties shall notify th ekeeprs of hotels, boarding houses and drinking saloons, in their respoective counties, of their duties under this law, and if after such notificiation any keeper of a hotel, boarding house or drinking saloon shall fail to keep notices posted, as required by this act, he shall, on conviction thereof before a justice of the peace, be fined in the sum of five dollars, to go to the county treasury.
    Jurisdiction: Arizona
    Year: 1901
  • Text: It shall not be lawful to sell, barter, exchange, hire or loan to any person under the age of fifteen years, any gun, pistol, toy pistol, or other firearms, or for any person under the age of fifteen years to purchase, barter or exchange any gun, pistol, toy pistol or other firearms, nor for any person under the age of fifteen years to carry, fire or use a gun, pistol¸ toy pistol or other firearms, except in the presence of his father or guardian, or for the purpose of military drill in accordance with the rules of a school; it shall be the duty of all persons selling, hiring, bartering or exchanging pistols, revolvers, guns or other firearms, to keep and maintain a book of registry of the same, in which said book of registry shall be entered the number of the article sold, if any, the name of the maker, together with such other means of identification as may be obtainable concerning the same, and also the name and address of the person to whom such pistol, revolver, gun or other firearm is sold, bartered, exchanged or hired[.]
    Jurisdiction: New Jersey
    Year: 1903
  • Text: Eighteenth. The aggregate value of all shot-guns, rifles, muskets, and other fire-arms, bowie knives, dirks, and all weapons of a similar kind: provided, that all fire-arms issued by the State to members of volunteer companies, or for purposes of police, shall not be listed for taxation (along with other tangible property taxed at twenty cents per 100.00)
    Jurisdiction: Virginia
    Year: 1903
  • Text: § 348 (a). Carrying pistols without license. [It shall be unlawful for any person to have or carry about his person, in any county in the State of Georgia, any pistol or revolver without first taking out a license from the ordinary of the respective counties in which the party resides, before such person shall be at liberty to carry around with him on his person, or to have in his manual possession outside of his own home or place of business: Provided that nothing in this law shall be construed to alter, affect, or amend any laws now in force in this State relative to the carrying of concealed weapons on or about one's person, and provided further, that this shall not apply to sheriffs, deputy sheriffs, marshals, or other arresting officers of this State or United States, who are now allowed, by law, to carry revolvers; nor to any of the militia of said State while in service or upon duty; nor to any students of military colleges or schools when they are in the discharge of their duty at such colleges.]
    § 348 (b). License, how obtained. [The ordinary of the respective counties of this State in which the applicant resides may grant such license, either in term time or during vacation, upon the application of party or person desiring to apply for such license; provided applicant shall be at least eighteeen years old or over, and shall give a bond payable to the Governor of the State in the sum of one hundred dollars, conditioned upon the proper and legitimate use of said weapon with a surety approved by the ordinary of said county, and the ordinary granting the license shall keep a record of the name of the person taking out such license, the name of the maker of the fire-arm to be carried, and the caliber and number of the same.]
    § 348 (c). Fee for license. [The person making such application and to whom such license is granted, shall pay to the ordinary for granting said license the sum of fifty cents, which license shall cover a period of three years from date of granting same.]
    § 348 (d). Punishment. [Any person violating any of the provisions of the three preceding sections shall be punished as for a misdemeanor, as prescribed in section 1065 of this Code.]
    Jurisdiction: Georgia
    Year: 1910
  • Text: § 1. . . § 4393a-1. It shall be unlawful for any person, firm, or corporation to manufacture gunpowder or black blasting powder in any quantity whatsoever within the corporate limits of any city or village or within one hundred rods of any occupied dwelling house or any church, schoolhouse, town hall, depot or other place in which people are accustomed to assemble. § 4393a-2. It shall be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation engaged in the manufacture of gunpowder or black blasting powder to store, or permit to be stored on the land or premises where gunpowder or black blasting powder is manufactured, any dynamite or explosive other than that manufactured at such gunpowder or black blasting powder manufacturing plant or within one mile of any plant where gunpowder of black blasting powder is manufactured. § 4393a-3. It shall be unlawful for any person, firm, or corporation engaged in the manufacture of gunpowder or black blasting powder, to store or to keep in storage or permit to be stored or kept in storage, at any plant where gunpowder or black blasting powder is manufactured, more than one hundred twenty-five thousand pounds of gunpowder or black blasting powder in any building or storage magazine at such plant[.]
    Jurisdiction: Wisconsin
    Year: 1911
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