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Center for the Study of the Public Domain Little men

Creativity & Culture

  • Professor James Boyle (Duke) explores musical borrowing, mashups, and and how the law shapes musical creativity... » more

  • Professor Michael Carroll (American) traces the evolution of the concept of property ownership in music... » more

  • Professor Garrett Epps (Baltimore) discusses ownership and originality in this highlight from his presentation... » more

  • Professor William Fisher (Harvard) outlines five different ways that governments can stimulate the production of 'public goods' in this highlight from his lecture... » more

  • Professor James T. Hamilton (Duke) analyzes the role of economic forces in journalism and whether the Internet can solve 'rational ignorance' in this highlight from his lecture... » more

  • Professor Justin Hughes (Cardozo) discusses the heated debate over protecting 'geographical indications'... » more

  • Professor Jennifer Jenkins (Duke) contrasts two puzzles of 'transformative' fair use... » more

  • Professor Jessica Litman (Michigan) emphasizes the fundamental importance of historic 'copyright liberties'... » more

  • Professor Neil Netanel (UCLA) explores copyright's paradoxical relationship to free speech – as both an engine of free expression... » more

  • Professor Koleman Strumpf (Kansas) analyzes the economic impacts of file sharing in this highlight from... » more

Framed! Conference

  • To Clear or not to Clear Filmmaker Chris Hegedus discusses how rights clearance practices have changed since the making of "Don't Look Back"... » more

  • Disappearing History? Filmmaker Orlando Bagwell talks about making "Citizen King" and why "Eyes on the Prize" is no longer in circulation... » more

  • Great Composers Steal Composer Anthony Kelley visits classical and jazz traditions and explains why you can find a doppelganger for almost any tune... » more

  • Documentary Filmmaking Legal experts James Boyle and John Sloss discuss the legal and practical realities facing documentary filmmakers... » more

  • Music Sampling Music lawyer Whitney Broussard describes how law can change the kind of music that gets made... » more

Framed! Contest Winners

  • Powerful Pictures by Daniel Love... » more

  • Music For Our Grandchildren by Alek and Kuba Tarkowski... » more

  • An Army, One by One by Christopher Sims... » more

  • Stealing Home by Terry Tucker and Andrew Fazekas... » more

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