Emerging Scholars 2015

May 22-23, 2015 • Duke Law School, Room 4042


  • Jay Butler: CV | FAR Form | Research Agenda | Job Talk Paper
  • Trevor Gardner: CV | FAR Form | Research Agenda | Job Talk Paper
  • Eisha Jain: CV | FAR Form | Research Agenda | Job Talk Paper
  • Irene Joe: CV | FAR Form | Research Agenda | Job Talk Paper
  • Aaron Tang: CV | FAR Form | Research Agenda | Job Talk Paper

Future Candidates: Abbye Atkinson | Asad Rahim


  • Rick Banks
  • Darryl Brown
  • Curt Bradley
  • Dorothy Brown
  • Guy Charles
  • Gina-Gail Fletcher
  • Luis Fuentes-Rohwer
  • Jamal Greene
  • Tim Holbrook
  • Tim Lovelace
  • Ajay Mehrotra
  • Destiny Peery
  • Veronica Root
  • Bertrall Ross
  • Song Richardson
  • Barak Richman


Friday, May 22 - Room 4042

6:45am Registration and Breakfast

Session 1: Overview of the Entry-Level Hiring Process
Presenters: Dorothy Brown & Guy Charles

  • FAR form
  • Hiring Conference
  • Recommenders/Mentors
  • Scholarship/Article Placement
  • CV/Research Agenda
  • AALS Interviews
  • Call backs & on-campus interviews
  • Job talk
  • Offers

Session 2: Lessons from the Market with Immediate Past Candidates

  • Rabia Belt
  • Jamillah Bowman
  • Jessica Eaglin
  • Jasmine Harris
  • Joshua Sellers
8:30am Session 3: AALS Strategies: To Do and Not to Do from the Perspective of a Hiring Chair
Presenter: Richard Banks
9:00am Break

Session 4: Mock AALS Interviews

  • Room 4040: Eisha Jain
    Song Richardson, Gina-Gail Fletcher, Barak Richman, Joshua Sellers
  • Room 4040: Aaron Tang
    Tim Holbrook, Jamal Greene, Bertrall Ross, Jamillah Williams
  • Room 4046: Trevor Gardner
    Guy Charles, Ajay Mehrotra, Veronica Root, Jasmine Harris
  • Room 4042: Jay Butler
    Rick Banks, Tim Lovelace, Destiny Peery, Rabia Belt
  • Room 4045: Irene Joe
    Darryl Brown, Dorothy Brown, Luis Fuentes-Rohwer, Jessica Eaglin

Session 5: Mock Job Talks

  • 10:00am: Trevor Gardner; Lead expert, Rick Banks
  • 11:00am: Break
  • 11:15am: Irene Joe; Lead expert, Darryl Brown
12:15pm Lunch (Star Commons)

Session 5: Mock Job Talks Continued

  • 1:30pm: Eisha Jain; Lead expert, Song Richardson
  • 2:30pm: Break
  • 2:45pm: Jay Butler; Lead expert, Curt Bradley
  • 3:45pm: Break
  • 4:00pm: Aaron Tang; Lead expert, Jamal Greene
5:00pm Conclude


Saturday, May 23 - Room 4042

7:15am Breakfast

FAR Form & CV Review

7:30am: Trevor Gardner
8:30am: Jay Butler

9:30am Break
9:40am Irene Joe
10:40am Eisha Jain
11:40am Break
11:45am Aaron Tang (Working lunch, bagged lunches provided)
12:45am Conclude



Emerging Scholars is sponsored by Duke Law School, the Duke University Office of the Provost, and the Center for Law, Race and Politics.