Analyzing Federal Personnel Data

June 2 – 3, 2016 • Duke University • Durham, NC

The conference on Analyzing Federal Personnel Data brought together researchers and public service officials from the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) in Washington DC to collaborate on current and future federal personnel data research. The two day conference saw presentations from students and professors from Princeton, Vanderbilt, Duke, Clemson, and UCLA. Presentations included topics such as government employee performance and turnover, labor market structure and federal employment, gender wage differentials, and the creation of synthetic personnel data.

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Conference Participants

  • Tom Balmat, Duke University
  • Felipe Barrientos, Duke University
  • John Board, Duke University
  • Alex Bolton, Duke University
  • Josh Bruce, Duke University
  • Moshe Buchinsky, UCLA
  • Chuck Cameron, Princeton University
  • John de Figueiredo, Duke University
  • Mark DeLong, Duke University
  • Maria Droganova, Clemson University
  • Stan Ezoua, Office of Personnel Management
  • Mary Hawkins, Duke University
  • Charley Kneifel, Duke University
  • Kimya Lee, Office of Personnel Management
  • Dave Lewis, Vanderbilt University
  • Taylor Lewis, Office of Personnel Management
  • Ashwin Machanavajjhala, Duke University
  • Rustin Partow, UCLA
  • Paul Pooley, Duke University
  • Jerry Reiter, Duke University
  • Josh Smith, Duke University
  • Patrick Warren, Clemson University
  • Congshan Zhang, Duke University