About Us

The mission of The Center for Institutional and Organizational Performance (CIOP) is to advance our understanding of the factors that enhance the performance of institutions and organizations in our society through disciplinary and interdisciplinary research and scholarship, conferences and workshops, and teaching and student development.  The Center draws upon the expertise of Duke University’s diverse faculty and collaborators to develop theoretical and empirical advances in institutional and organizational analysis, and to bridge the gap between theory and practice.


John M. de FigueiredoJohn M. de Figueiredo, Director
Russell M. Robinson II Professor of Law and Professor of Strategy and Economics

de Figueiredo studies competitive strategy, innovation strategy, political and legal strategy, and law and economics. His research in competitive strategy focuses on using dynamic models to explain how large and small firms gain competitive advantage through innovation, organization, and market position in segmented markets. His research in law and economics and "non-market" strategy explores how firms use political influence, regulatory lobbying, and strategic litigation to enhance competitive performance.

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