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A Parents’ Guide to Special Education in North Carolina

The Duke Children’s Law Clinic has produced a comprehensive Guide for parents of children with special education needs. The Guide explains the special education law in clear terms so that parents can learn the vocabulary, navigate the special education system, and become an effective advocate for their children. The Guide is especially geared to assist North Carolina parents.

The Guide contains 11 chapters, beginning with the broad concepts of the special education law and the important terms, then moving to specific topics. Readers can access the Guide by clicking the desired chapter on the list below, or by downloading the entire Guide to their own computer. The Frequently Asked Questions are answered orally as well as in the text.  See the videos below to hear answers to common questions.

Download the guide

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Frequently Asked Questions

Chapter 9 of the Guide provides answers to frequently asked questions about special education in North Carolina. The questions, which are divided into six groups, are also answered in the videos below. Click the play buttons to watch each grouping in its entirety, or use the links to jump to individual answers.

Eligibility for Special Education


Special Education Services and IEPs


Least Restrictive Environment and Placement Issues


Accommodations, Modifications, Supplementary Aids and Services, and Related Services


IEP Meetings


School Discipline