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The Presidency and Criminal Investigations

A seminar taught by Professors Samuel Buell and Lisa Kern Griffin sought to understand the legal underpinnings and implications of a criminal inquiry involving the president, using history—Watergate and the impeachments of Presidents Bill Clinton and Andrew Johnson in particular—as the primary lens.

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Brains on Trial with Alan Alda - logoThe Duke Center for Criminal Justice and Professional Responsibility is devoted to the promotion of justice in criminal cases and to teaching and training students, lawyers, prosecutors, judges, and the general public to identify, remedy, and prevent the wrongful conviction of innocent people.

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  • Lisa Kern Griffin portrait
    Candace M. Carroll and Leonard B. Simon Professor of Law

    Griffin’s scholarship focuses on evidence theory, constitutional criminal procedure, and federal criminal justice policy. Her most recent work concerns the status and significance of silence in criminal investigations, the relationship between constructing narratives and achieving factual accuracy in the courtroom, the criminalization of dishonesty in legal institutions and the political process, and the impact of popular culture about the criminal justice system.