611.04 Readings: Examining the Opioid Crisis

This one-credit readings class will explore the ongoing opioid crisis. Drawing on the expertise of various members of Duke Law School’s clinical faculty, the course will examine the origins and impacts of the opioid crisis from a variety of perspectives. Students will examine the relation of opioids to criminal justice, impacts on children and youth, and health impacts, including treatment, prevention and insurance access. Additionally, students will explore environmental and international human rights connections. The course also will examine issues of corporate responsibility and the role of data in addressing the crisis. Finally, we will examine how lawyers can address the crisis through medical legal partnerships and policy solutions. Throughout the course, students will use the lens of race and class in examining the origin, response, and impacts of the opioids crisis. The class is pass/fail and students will be evaluated through several reflections papers and class participation.

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Spring 2020

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Reflective Writing
Class participation
Clinical faculty
10-11:30 AM
Sakai site: https://sakai.duke.edu/portal/site/LAW.611.04.Sp20
Email list: LAW.611.04.Sp20@sakai.duke.edu
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