324.402 Corporate Restructuring

This 3 credit course is designed to expose law and business students to the methods and theories that underlie corporate restructuring transactions. The course emphasizes the business strategies and valuation techniques that drive corporate transactions, while also illustrating the role of the law in such transactions. The coursework is practical, with each law student working with a group of MBA students to complete case-oriented assignments. Ideally, the law students learn from the business students and vice versa. In most years, student evaluation is based on these collaborative written assignments and class participation, and no final exam is required. (Check with the instructor for assignment details in any given year).

The course begins with an overview of the structure of the large-scale, public corporation, the conflicts of interest that exist between managers and stockholders, and the market forces and regulations designed to resolve such conflicts. Analytical techniques for valuing particular transactions will be discussed. Specific types of transactions will be examined, including, but not limited to mergers, acquisitions, tender offers, LBOs, divestitures, liquidations and reorganizations. In most cases, both financial and legal implications will be explored. Guest speakers help enhance the practical, real world perspective of the class.

Business Associations is required for all law students. Other corporate law courses such as Securities Regulation and Law of Corporate Finance can be helpful but not required. Some prior exposure to the principles of finance is strongly recommended. Please note that this course meets on the Fuqua half-semester schedule, which begins in mid March and ends in late April.

Special Notes: 

*Fuqua Spring 2

Spring 2020

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John Buley
MTh 3:00PM - 5:15PM
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