867.01 Leadership and Communication in the Law

The practice of law functions through teamwork. To be successful and effective in this environment, a lawyer must be able to communicate, collaborate, and lead within her organization. Her success depends on the willingness of others to work with her, work for her, and mentor her. This course recognizes the importance of these internal relationships and aims to prepare students for the communication, teamwork, and leadership required of young practitioners. Through a combination of theory, case studies, and group exercises, students in this course will begin to develop (1) an understanding of their own communication and leadership styles and skills; (2) an understanding of the communication and leadership styles of others; (3) skills to identify how and when to manage up, manage down, and collaborate within a team; (4) skills to effectively manage and work with teams; and (5) best practices for navigating difficult conversations and team dynamics.

Winter 2019

Course NumberCourse CreditsEvaluation MethodInstructorMeeting Day/TimesRoom
867.01Paige Gentry, Elle Gilley
Sun 2:00-5:00 PM, M 9:00 AM-12:00 PM
Degree Requirements