738.01 Financial Law and Regulation: Practitioner's Perspective

Every aspect of financial law and regulation depends heavily on its daily practice. The environment changes all the time, and the scope of regulatory discretion, at every level of government (state, federal and international) is so large that successful practitioners must understand the current trends in regulatory thinking and practice. This course will allow students to dive deep into a different aspect of modern financial regulation every week by bringing in prominent alumni practitioners who are experts in specific areas of the field.

Class will run from Feb 10th to April 15th and will consist of 12 class sessions that are 2 hours long.  Seven class sessions will be on a Friday afternoon and 5 class sessions will be on a Saturday morning.

Special Notes: 

Fast track. Meets Feb 10 – April 15.

Enrollment Prerequisite

Admission to the course will be open only to students enrolled in, or having completed, at least one of the following courses: a. Big Bank Regulation b. Derivatives c. Securities Regulation d. Structuring and Regulating Financial Transactions e. Or another significant and available financial course.  LLMs with strong backgrounds in financial regulation may be exempted from the prerequisite requirements.

Spring 2017

Course NumberCourse CreditsEvaluation MethodInstructorMeeting Day/TimesRoom
Reflective Writing
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Lee Reiners
F 2:00-4:00 PM, Sat 9:00-11:00 AM
Sakai site: https://sakai.duke.edu/portal/site/LAW.738.01.Sp17
Email list: LAW.738.01.Sp17@sakai.duke.edu
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