375.01 International Intellectual Property

This course surveys international intellectual property law as reconfigured by the new universal standards of protection embodied in the TRIPS Agreement (Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights), which is a component of the Agreement Establishing the World Trade Organization of 1994. Although some contextual materials on trade policy will be read, the course will not focus on general principles of international trade law. Rather, it will focus on the legal and economic implications of the new international intellectual property standards in the light of prior Conventions, with particular regard to such topics as patents; copyrights and related rights (including software, databases, sound recordings); trademarks; integrated circuit designs; trade secrets; and industrial designs. The new WIPO treaties (Dec. 1996) governing copyright law in cyberspace will also be covered. Other topics will include the interface with antitrust law; the enforcement provisions (i.e., civil and criminal due process); dispute resolution (including all the new WTO decisions on intellectual property); and the overall implications for global competition between developed and developing countries in an integrated world market.

Pre-requisite or co-requisite: Any intellectual property course offered at any law school (e.g., Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks or the introductory intellectual property course. Pre-requisites for LLM students may be waived with the instructor's consent.

Enrollment Prerequisite

Prerequisite for one-year LLM students may be waived with instructor permission.

Fall 2017

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Scheduled in-class examination
Jerome H. Reichman
2:00-3:25 PM
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