301.01 AIDS and the Law

The course will explore the legal and policy landscape of the HIV/AIDS epidemic primarily in the United States. We will employ a multi-disciplinary approach to teaching about HIV law and policy, including the legal issues faced by persons with HIV disease. Speakers will include medical specialists, social workers, and persons living with HIV. Topics covered include HIV-related stigma and discrimination, HIV testing and public health laws, confidentiality and privacy rights, estate planning issues, HIV criminalization, health disparities, access to health care and health insurance, permanency planning for children and other family law issues, employee benefit issues, and torts and HIV-related private lawsuits. There is an opportunity for student presentations on AIDS Law issues. In lieu of an exam, there is a paper requirement for the course. The course is helpful but not required for those intending to enroll in the Health Justice Clinic.

This course is only offered in the fall semester.

Fall 2016

Course NumberCourse CreditsEvaluation MethodInstructorMeeting Day/TimesRoom
301.01Carolyn McAllaster
1:45-3:35 PM
Sakai site: https://sakai.duke.edu/portal/site/LAW.301.01.F16
Email list: LAW.301.01.F16@sakai.duke.edu
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