611B.06 Readings in Ethics (*cont. from fall)

This discussion course centers around readings that, implicitly or explicitly, draw connections between the practice of law, the experience of being a lawyer, the substance of the law, and ethics (including not only professional responsibility but issues of moral commitment and action more generally). Each section of the course is expected to have a different specific focus, and different readings, but all will center on the general topics of professionalism and ethics.The class will meet about six to nine times throughout the year at a time agreed upon by the class members, though most likely in the evenings. The instructor will help guide the discussion, but one or two students will be expected to take an active role in shaping each class's discussion, perhaps by circulating in advance a brief set of suggestions for discussion and, on the night of the class, beginning the conversation.The course will be graded on a credit/no credit basis, and no research paper will be required.Ethics Requirement: Students can satisfy the Law School's two-credit ethics requirement by taking this course and the one-credit course entitled Ethics and the Rules of Professional Conduct. The courses need not be taken concurrently.

Spring 2013

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611B.06Marin K. Levy
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