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Confronting Terrorism Here and Abroad: Which Way Forward?

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February 19, 2007

Dear Colleague:

The Center on Law, Ethics and National Security, the Center for International and Comparative Law, and the Program in Public Law at Duke University School of Law, in conjunction with several other departments and organizations within the University, will sponsor a major conference at Duke on April 12th and 13th, 2007, entitled “Confronting Terrorism Here and Abroad: Which Way Forward”. It will be held at the Thomas Center and Geneen Auditorium in the Fuqua School of Business. A copy of the conference program is attached and we cordially invite you to attend.

Although our armed forces remain engaged in combat operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, that is clearly not the only “front” in the war on terrorism. Individuals and groups in this country, in Europe, and elsewhere continue to plan and execute terrorist acts to promote their own interests, exacting an enormous toll in human life. The threat of further attacks has prompted a very public debate about how best to identify and thwart those who seek to do us harm. That debate necessarily involves both domestic and international considerations, and our conference will be examining a number of specific issues with regard to finding the right the right way forward in confronting terrorism in the United States and abroad. On our first day, we will be seek to better understand Islam by looking at the various cultural and religious differences among those who practice that faith. We will also be exploring different strategy and policy options available to the United States for dealing with the entire Middle Eastern region. We will then analyze the controversial program instituted by President Bush for gathering intelligence within our own borders. On our second day, we will start out by probing the limits which apply to interrogating alleged terrorists, and will then shift our focus to concerns over the extent to which the right to habeas corpus applies to those we hold in detention. Our final panel of the day, and the conference, will look at the procedures now in place for, and potential legal challenges to, the prosecution of terrorists by military commissions. We will also have three keynote addresses during the conference which will focus on specific and current issues within the overall context of confronting terrorism. To do all this, we have assembled a prestigious group of scholars, policymakers and commentators who will take an interdisciplinary approach to all these issues from both a legal and a policy perspective.

As noted above, the conference will be held on the Duke University West Campus in Durham, North Carolina. The panel sessions will be held in the Geneen Auditorium of the Fuqua School of Business, while all meals will be served in the R. David Thomas Executive Conference Center which is immediately adjacent to the School of Business. Although there is no registration fee to attend the conference, the cost for the conference meals, for those attending, is $25.00 for each luncheon and $45.00 for the Thursday evening reception and dinner. The cost of the meals for full-time students is reduced by 50% (i.e. $12.50 for each lunch, and $22.50 for the dinner). Checks are to be made payable to “Duke Law LENS” and returned with the completed registration form by April 6th. In the event you should find it necessary to cancel your meal reservations, a refund will be provided if notice of cancellation in writing is received at the Center by April 11th.

I hope to see you here at Duke in April for this important conference.


Executive Director